ResourceManager API’s.

class yarn_api_client.resource_manager.ResourceManager(address=None, port=8088, timeout=30)

The ResourceManager REST API’s allow the user to get information about the cluster - status on the cluster, metrics on the cluster, scheduler information, information about nodes in the cluster, and information about applications on the cluster.


An application resource contains information about a particular application that was submitted to a cluster.


With the application attempts API, you can obtain a collection of resources that represent an application attempt.

cluster_application_statistics(state_list=None, application_type_list=None)

With the Application Statistics API, you can obtain a collection of triples, each of which contains the application type, the application state and the number of applications of this type and this state in ResourceManager context.

This method work in Hadoop > 2.0.0

cluster_applications(state=None, final_status=None, user=None, queue=None, limit=None, started_time_begin=None, started_time_end=None, finished_time_begin=None, finished_time_end=None)

With the Applications API, you can obtain a collection of resources, each of which represents an application.


The cluster information resource provides overall information about the cluster.


The cluster metrics resource provides some overall metrics about the cluster. More detailed metrics should be retrieved from the jmx interface.


A node resource contains information about a node in the cluster.

cluster_nodes(state=None, healthy=None)

With the Nodes API, you can obtain a collection of resources, each of which represents a node.


A scheduler resource contains information about the current scheduler configured in a cluster. It currently supports both the Fifo and Capacity Scheduler. You will get different information depending on which scheduler is configured so be sure to look at the type information.